Japan Rail Pass in April?

Hi, everyone! My husband and I will be in Japan from April 6-15. My second time, but his first. Is the Japan Rail Pass worth getting, since it’s the busiest time of year? Just worried that trains would sell out if we wait that last-minute. On the agenda are Tokyo (briefly), Kyoto, and then day trips from Kyoto (haven’t decided where yet). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Pearl,

Yes, I’d say it’s worth getting. If you reserve your train seats as early as possible, and opt for early trains, you should be okay. Just try not to leave things to the last minute. :slight_smile:

Hi Pearl

May also be cheaper just to get a return ticket ,

but it depends where you plan to take your kyoto day trips
e.g. if you go to Himeji or even Hiroshima on a day trip, then get the JR pass.

In addition, early April is only busy for tourists, Japanese people aren’t on holidays at that time, so trains should be ok, apart from weekends.

Thank you so much! We ordered them and got them in the mail already.

Good to know. Thank you for your reply! We ordered the 7-day passes and will plan on taking day trips from Kyoto.

You likely don’t need to worry about the trains being completely booked. There are a lot of daily trains to Kyoto. I think if you book when you arrive, you’ll be ok.