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Japan pass worth the cost


Travelling from Narita to Nikko 2 days, Kanazawa 3 days, Tsumago (Nagiso) one day and on to Kyoto 4 days. Is the 7day Pass worthwhile? Eventually back to Narita buying a seperate ticket. Do we have to buy fare and seat or cab we try to buy the fare only?
Sorry to ask above which might have been asked before, however, can’t find anything on your website.
Many thanks for any suggestions!


Yes, it sounds like it would be worthwhile. You can also get a 14-day pass, if that would make your life easier. The Pass includes reserved seats (you can make reservations for free at JR ticket offices). If you travel without the pass, you can opt for “jiyuuseki” - unreserved seating - on the bullet train, but there is a risk that you might have to stand the whole way, especially during peak season. It is best to reserve seats, as it does not cost much more. See our article for more info: