Japan internet cafe (foreigners tend to be not wanted ?)

I had a werid bad experience in internet cafe.
I guess you need to go the something kanji-club chain store ? (That place must be the only
place where no fuss would exist I guess ? I didn’t tried though.)

I went to the frog internet cafe in shinjuku and there were 4 young part timer males.
I’m guessing 2 or 3 were friends hanging out there since 4 is too many employees.
They told me I need to show my identification card so I showed my passport. They said
it’s not possible with this. And then they said show my country’s identification card. I showed
and they said “No not this”. (How do they even know how my country’s identity card even looks like ?)
So I left.
Thinking about it now I think they were making fun of me. Since there were many young guys.
As a solid proof, hotels accept as well as the airport security takes passports to prevent even the terrorists.

Another one was when I called another internet cafe to prevent this kind of situation.
They said foreigners are ok. This one wasn’t a chain store. I think.
I had to show my passport.
I went there and they handed over this board with a paper to fill out with a pen and showing me to my
internet cafe “private room”.
I went in then went to the bathroom. After coming back, the board was gone.
I’m traveling and I’m pretty sure but I’m not really having the best memory cause it’s kind of chaotic
not being in your own country, also tired at night. Maybe I holded it and placed on some other free drinking bar table ? Later when I wanted to leave, they told me I need to give the board. And I
said it’s gone. And they thought I stole it. I mean who needs a paper board ? It would probably cost
100yen at don qui hote. lol Who would want to end up in jail for this ?
And wasted like 30 minutes. (I can speak Japanese good enough.) I told them to call the police to check the security camera. They wanted me to show my backpack but I had my private stuff to show so I refused. In the end they let me go.
Very bad experience.
Also the pcs are like really low tier. I couldn’t even move my photos in my phone to the pc to upload
to my email. It was like the pc in the library or school. No matter how long I wait, can’t even move the photos or connect properly. Is this because there are earthquakes in Japan and their pcs get broken so easily they keep cheap used pcs only ? and no high tier gaming pcs ?

Also found out Japan law and police are polite but weird. Sometimes you can get interogatted to lie
and say you stole something or did anything bad even if you didn’t. Eventually you ending up in jail. Just like death sentence existing. I guess stay out of trouble whether you are right or wrong. Don’t call police.