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Itinerary for 7 days Japan Rail Pass


I know there are few topics around this but i have a somewhat unique query. i work in Japan and will have my parents visiting me for a 3 month duration. I am planning on buying a JPR for 7 days. I need to know if anyone can help me with a sample itinerary for using the Japan rail Pass starting from Tokyo and return to Tokyo. Please exclude any areas within Tokyo or nearby Tokyo. Primarily I am targeting places far from Tokyo and accessible by Shinkansen. Any suggestions regd lodging and also Vegan/Vegetarian eating would be helpful.


Hi Amit,
You will only be able to purchase JR passes for your parents. Foreign residents like yourself are not permitted to use the JR Pass. If you want to join your parents, you’ll have to buy full price tickets.
For some itineraries, take a look at our sister site


Thanks. But could see just 2 itineraries . Not covering the main parts like Hiroshima,Kobe , Miyajima etc…I am sorry but would like some more help…especially from people who may have used JRP themselves


Hi Amit,
Yes, two itineraries. These were intended for people interested in something else other than the usual route that 90% of tourists take. Have you checked the Tokyo Cheapo site? There are a couple of suggested JR Pass itineraries there too - from people who have used the JR Pass themselves (as are the itineraries on the Japan Rail Tickets site)

If you’re just after Kyoto, HIroshima (Miyajima is a tram ride from central HIroshima) then haven’t you already made your itinerary? Tokyo, Kyoto, stop at Himeji, HIroshima, Miyajima, back to Tokyo. Also it depends how many weeks you intend to get the pass for. There are 1, 2 and 3 week options. A 1 week itinerary looks quite different to a 3 week one.


Yep…have been researching a bit…but as i mentioned my query was very specific… I need a itinerary specifically catering to the Japan Rail pass…like starting from Tokyo and returning to Tokyo and which can make the best use of my Rail pass…some suggestions with good travelers & planners ( i am very bad at trip planning and end up at useless places) like to start from tokyo then 2 days in kyoto and what is best to see there then head to … even if i get a jist of just the place names i will figure out what to explore in that place…


The intention of all those articles is specifically to help people with the JR Pass to plan their itineraries, can you let me know what’s wrong with them specifically? If there’s a way we could improve them, then we’ll do it. Otherwise, there’s a small chance someone will jump in and give you a complete step by step itinerary. By the way, did you notice the bit in my original message where I mentioned you’re not permitted to use a JR Pass? The pass is only for travelers on a temporary visitor visa. If you’re working in Japan (legally) then you won’t be on this visa, so you can’t use it. You can still accompany your parents, but you’ll have to pay full price.


Use buses as they are much cheaper than the consecutive day JR Pass.

I travel to Japan for business reporting at least once a year and never use the JR Pass.

itinerary - Tokyo - Kakegawa - Hamamatsu - Osaka - Okayama - Shiraishi Island and then back to Osaka. Fly back to Tokyo by Peach or Jetstar Japan.


Hi CheapoGreg, don’t be mad with Amit_Gundecha. I think you are a little bit harsh with him. This is not the first time I have this impression. (When I did a question to TokyoCheapo few months ago and you answered me I had the same feeling but please excuse me if I am wrong).
I believe Amit_Gundecha just want to know travelers experience to share with his parents. Besides, there is nothing wrong with TC itineraries.
And to complete my proposition you are not a travelers anymore, you are almost a japanese citizen. He is asking for travelers experience/suggestions.


Shin, Your impression is mistaken. I try to be concise and helpful. Did I provide any incorrect information to you or Amit? Also, I may not be a new traveler to Japan, but I do travel within the country and I help run a website about travel in Japan, so I do humbly consider myself qualified to give some advice.
I would actually like to make our itineraries more useful, so I was asking Amit to elaborate on his exact needs. He said his needs were specific and that the itineraries didn’t meet his requirements, but the initial question and follow up were quite general.
Also, unless Amit is in the country, working llegally, which I assume he is not, he isn’t entitled to a JR pass. Rather a crucial piece of information to emphasize wouldn’t you think?


Thanks Greg…i never said your info is wrong…it only didnt match with what i was looking for…And yes Shin is very right in understanding that i am looking for more of actual travelers experiences.i did mention that i have been researching on websites, but more than the ready made itineraries, i was interested in actual itineraries that people might have explored.the reason for keeping my query general was precisely that i didnt want people to guide me to the websites rather share their own experience…Nonetheless my sincere appreciation and gratitude to CheapoGreg , shinsakamoto & rogirogito888 for helping me out on this…


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