Is there a Cheap one way ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto?

i need help please, 1st time in japan, i want to go to kyoto from tokyo, was going to purchase JR pass but as i want to spend 3 days in kyoto this is a waste as u have to use it every day or u loose those days, so if i want just a single ticket to kyoto on bullet train(No reserved seat), what is the cheapest way of getting a single. If after kyoto if i get 7 day JR pass to explre south honshu area maybe kyushu is it a good idea as it would be a bit rushed as using it every day, no chance to stop for extra day. Why are there no flexible rail passes u can use not for consecutive days. really not sure what to do , help/advice please.

Without passes, the tickets are all standard price unfortunately, there are no advance tickets like the UK, it’s the same price on the day or 3 months ahead. Have you considered a night bus?

hi, i dont want to do night bus, what is cheapest way to get shinkansen
train ticket to tokyo\\\9discount shop or on line, thanks Amanda

We actually have an article all about getting from Tokyo to Kyoto on TokyoCheapo. You’ll see in the train section there’s a mention of this special discount shinkansen ticket for visitors., that’s probably your best option. Have a read of the article for full details on all the ways of getting from Tokyo to Kyoto and back.

hi thankd 4 ur reply, i only want to do shinkansen on a single ticket from
tokyo to kyoto(not return) that site only states return).

The first paragraph of the first article Mr Kirkland linked you to sums up the options, but you’ll have to accept the shinkansen isn’t cheap and there are not many discounts.

Lifting straight from that article:

There’s also the Puratto Kodama Economy Plan, which allows you to travel on the Kodama from Tokyo to Kyoto for 10,100 – 12,900 yen one-way, depending on the season. This plan can only be purchased at least a day in advance, so call or visit JR Tokai Tours for booking.
The link to Puratto Kodama Economy Plan:
10,100yen, if you travel between October 1 to December 27, 2016.

There are these discount ticket shops as well, but they are probably inferior to Puratto Kodama Economy Plan

Note the file photo: 12,600yen to Kyoto.

Opting to skip the reserved seat and go for the unreserved seat will save you between 510yen (for Hikari, slower shinkansen) to 830yen (for Nozomi, faster Shinkansen).
Only applies to regular tickets, about 13,600yen for Hikari and 13,910yen for Nozomi, price accurate for October 15, 2016.

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thank u for your reply,i am looking to go to kyoto from tokyo on
24.3.2017,can i get this ticket then at this time, thanks

Unfortunately, the information for March 24, 2017 is not available yet.
They only have the ticket available till March 10, 2017 for now.

However, from this year’s records, they appear to offer the ticket for March 24, 2017 from February onward:
See the section regarding the validity, which is from February 1 to April 26, 2016.
They have also been offering it in 2015:

They are, in my opinion, very likely to offer the ticket for March 24, 2017, but only from February 2, 2017 onward.

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thak u for all ur help.

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