Is it worth buying a Commuter pass?


I’m going to Tokyo this friday and I will be studying there for 3 months and I was wondering if it would be worth buying a commuter pass or if there are any other options?
I am going to be travelling 6 days a week between Nishidai and Omotesando.
Also with the commuter pass are you only able to travel that specific route?

The commuter passes offer big savings - especially if you’re a student. if you do 26 trips per month on that route, it will cost you 18,824yen without a pass. If you get the commuter pass, it will cost 8,520yen for 1 month or 24,290yen for 3 months. Make sure you have your student ID when you apply for it.


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: would I still be able to apply for it without a student ID? I am going to be studying Ikebana and wont be getting any student ID.

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The student ID requirement is strict. If you can’t get some kind of student ID, then at least you will be entitled to the regular discount on getting a commuter pass.