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Is a JP pass worth it?


Hello TokyoCheapo Team
I am planning my very first trip to Japan and will be staying for a few weeks.

But I have one question about JR pass. I am planning of travelling - amongst other places - to the following prefectures: Kanagawa, Tochigi-Iken, Saitamo-Ken and Hiroshima (with a stop in Kyoto). Would it be worth it to buy a 3-week pass then?

Your website is giving me great ideas for my trip. Thanks a lot for the great work and information.


A 3 week pass might not save you money, though a one week probably will - a one week pass is cheaper than a shinkansen return trip from Tokyo to Hiroshima.
For an accurate answer, see our Shinkansen fare calculator and calculate the total of all the long distance shinkansen trips you’ll take.

Note that Kanagawa and Saitama are basically within the Tokyo area, so a train Journey to and from Tokyo is ~1000yen. Also Tochigi-ken isn’t that far from Tokyo, so there’s not much money to be saved.


Hello MrKirkLand
Thank you very much for your fast and informative reply. It has helped me.
Maybe I will get a rechargeable IC card. It sounds as if this could be the better choise for me.


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