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Hi, friends . . .

My name is Jery, and I’m planning a one-week vacation to Tokyo in March with my family. It would be our first visit to Japan ever!

We live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Obviously, since we live in hot, tropical climate, we are hoping to find snow during our visit to Japan. We plan to visit Fujiten Snow Resort, and we’ve all prepared ourselves (at least, we tried to think what to prepare) to face the cold weather: Jackets, gloves, even earmuffs, and a bunch of warm clothes.

For food, we’re really excited to finally be able to eat Japanese food in Japan! Ramen, tsukemen, sushi, okonomiyaki . . . just can’t wait to visit the places recommended by TokyoCheapo!

Personally, I want to visit the Ghibli Museum, the Gundam Base, the Shibuya Crossing, the Godzilla head, and the arcade building in Akihabara. I vow to visit these places, and I’d consider my visit to Japan completed.

I’m still rigorously researching about traveling to Tokyo, including here on TokyoCheapo. Really hope to learn much from here.


Hi. My name is Bob. I lived in Tokyo for 20 years, mostly in the Shibuya area, and foolishly moved back to Minnesota a year ago. I still make it back to Japan frequently. My top tips for newbies: Learn Japanese, Get a bicycle (fastest way around town), Try to eat everything at least once, and maintain your sanity by getting out of town occasionally. Regarding this last point, I just wrote a book called Hikes with Hot Springs–Day Trips from Tokyo. Check it out!

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