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Introduce yourself — who are you, where are you and what do you do?


I am Arpita, living in india, want to visit Tokyo


Hello everyone!
My name is Jurgen. My Japanese wife and I are in the process of moving to Japan, Mito to be exact. We share our time between Montreal and Mito but we will be permanently in Ibaraki as of October.

I first came to Japan in 2004 and I have been visiting many parts of the country ever since. I am a scientist, health care and IT professional. I am interested in arts and music, particularly baroque and romantic period.
I am also interested in motorcycles and hope to connect with other riders.

I have many plans for the future and would love to get in touch with like-minded people particularly in and around Mito. I would love to create a platform for expats in the Mito area and bring foreigners and Japanese together. We do have a small gallery/concert space and tiny cafe that I intend to set up as meeting point.

In Mito we are struggling with mundane problems like finding a source for buying food in bulk, or finding a reasonably priced gym that doesn’t charge 25000 Yen upfront to allow you to pay 12000 Yen per month for using a stationary bike or weights. But all’s well.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi everyone, My name is Miguel, I will be living/staying in Ikebukuro Station area for 3 months from mid September. Going to be exploring Tokyo and its culture (and as much as Japan as possible) and this website has been of great help so far.
I will have available time during days (from noon to midnight more or less) so happy to meet with anyone who is willing to explore (or show) Tokyo!!


My name is Nam, I’m the co-founder of TUN Travel and founder of
I’ve been tech/internet business type. I love also travel around the world. I have been in Japan for 1 year.


Hi everyone!
My name is May Kwan but you can call me May :slight_smile: I am from Malaysia~
So, I just came to Japan back in Mar 17 so it had been almost 5 months now! Time does flies fast~
Came here for work but looking forward to explore Japan in more in depth. I love travelling & meeting new people.
If there is anyone based in Yokohama, do give me a shout-out! hehe



My name is Lucas, and I have moved from Rio (Brazil) to Tokyo a month ago. Just got an apartment in Shinjuku-ku, close to Higashi-Nakano / Ochiai.
I work for the Tokyo2020 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and will probably be here for the next 3 years or so.

Very interested in learning Japanese asap… also, always up for a beer!
Natto is… ‘exotic’. As for sports, running is my favorite (from 5k to Marathon).

Actually, I am going to Summer Sonic festival this weekend solo, so let me know in case you are also going.



My name is TD Taylor.
I used to live in Okinawa several years ago. I lived there for 4 years and visited Tokyo very often.
I am traveling back to Tokyo in May 2018 with my wife and children to show my children where they were born.
We loved the coffee shops and the just basic sightseeing.
Top tip(s): Be polite, and do not be afraid to ask questions (even in English - since surprisingly, MANY people speak (limited) English - enough to explain something).
We will be landing at Narita on 16 May, Traveling to Shinjuku from Airport. Traveling around Tokyo on 16-17 May.
Traveling to Station 5 at Mt Fuji on 18 May, and then to Narita on 21 May.
Economically speaking, Should I purchase 6 JR Tokyo 3 day passes and then 2 Suica cards for the other 2 days?


Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

My name is Tanvi Talwar, I have just arrived in Japan a few days ago from India and I am loving every second even though its super cold.
I have come to visit my sister who is a student at Soka University in Hachioji.
I am a visual artist and short film maker by profession. I love food and traditional arts and crafts! My idea of fun is exploring spaces, meeting new people and drawing everything I see. I’m very new to this website and I like it already! Some great tips and articles! Thank you team TC!

I just tried natto a few days ago and it really wasn’t as bad as I had expected! :blush:

My question: Does anyone know of any immersive 2 to 3 day workshops in traditional arts? Like woodblock Printmaking, block printing, painting, intermediate origami or calligraphy?

Thank you!


Welcome Tanvi!

We have an article with an overview of some cultural experiences, a few of those might be what you’re looking for:


Thank you so much! I had not seen the article.


Jill here…
I’m currently living in southern Edogawa and absolutely love it here!

I got to Japan about 8 months ago, but have been busy with my Japanese studies and work.

I’m here on a sabbatical from my high school teaching job in order to learn Japanese. After 10 years of teaching, I wanted to have some fun learning something new and also see what it’s like to learn something from scratch now that we have Internet resources etc. So I’m currently studying at a language school full time. It also happened to be a great way to challenge myself and work on my memory which I fear may begin to fail me as I get older. So, I’m really enjoying Kanji.

For fun I like to follow the weekend tips from Tokyocheapo and go to various cultural events. When you live in a city, you hardly ever go touristing, but when you visit for a shorter period of time you tend to do so much more.

My big tip is There are so many groups that meet there almost every evening in Tokyo, that you could be out every night if you want. Everyone really wants to learn English more, so everyone is really open to striking up conversations. Also a second maybe even bigger tip is avoid Tokyo during the summer. If you come from a colder climate like I do, you will suffer immensely!

I actually like natto. Yes, it has a weird consistency but it’s quite nice. Admittedly, it’s not something that I buy on my own, but I won’t say no to it either.

I’ve lived now in 3 major world cities: Washington DC, Stockholm, and now Tokyo and I think Tokyo is one of the safest I’ve lived in. Although Stockholm is quite close as well and 3/4ths of DC is as well.

Weeellllll, thats my 自己紹介 (self introduction)!


Hi mrkirkland and all,

I am Rebecca. I currently live in Boston Massachusetts. I am will travel to Japan in the middle of May. This is my first time to Japan. I just start to search information about Japan through Form this website, I found out about JR pass.

Can you advise me which train pass should I have, JR 7 day pass or E-Voucher for Kyoto Bullet Train Non-Reserved Seats Ticket Package including 1-Day Subway & Bus Pass for the following trip?

Tokyo - Kyoto -Hakone- Tokyo within 7 days
Thank you!



As we mention our article:

The 7 day JR rail pass usually costs more than the Tokyo/Hakone Kyoto return ticket, so if that’s all you have planned buy the specific Tokyo Kyoto discount ticket or just a normal Shinkansen ticket.

Hope you have a great trip Rebecca!


Hello everyone!!

My name is Claire, I am an Australian Hairdresser that is now living and working in Tokyo (Meguro)!

I moved here in Jan with my Japanese partner so that we could be closer to his family. Aside from doing hair, I spend my time trying to explore just some of the amazing things this city has to offer and I am battling through an intensive language course so that I can at least find my way around the supermarket!

I don’t have too many Tokyo tips as I am only a newbie myself, however if you ever need any hair advice I’d be more than happy to help you out!!


Welcome Claire! and thanks for sharing your offer for free hair colouring.


Thanks Chris!! Love your site!


hi im rhick this is my 3rd week in japan . im a student visa holder here in japan and now im working at a internet provider company if you need a help about internet connection just contact me

pls contact me im working on a company that sell a pocket wifi and data sim at lowest price compare to other
we have like 50gb for just only 3,500 yen upto 300gb for 6,000 yen you can contact me at facebook at “rhick campos” my profile pic is me with my gf at the top of the hill or call me here 080-21883902 . thanks!


I will def visit you on the 20th
My 2nd and prob the last visit to japan. This time I’m planning the country side so I want to know about car rental and train pases. I need to know the best way around in December that is…
See ya there !


Hi, friends . . .

My name is Jery, and I’m planning a one-week vacation to Tokyo in March with my family. It would be our first visit to Japan ever!

We live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Obviously, since we live in hot, tropical climate, we are hoping to find snow during our visit to Japan. We plan to visit Fujiten Snow Resort, and we’ve all prepared ourselves (at least, we tried to think what to prepare) to face the cold weather: Jackets, gloves, even earmuffs, and a bunch of warm clothes.

For food, we’re really excited to finally be able to eat Japanese food in Japan! Ramen, tsukemen, sushi, okonomiyaki . . . just can’t wait to visit the places recommended by TokyoCheapo!

Personally, I want to visit the Ghibli Museum, the Gundam Base, the Shibuya Crossing, the Godzilla head, and the arcade building in Akihabara. I vow to visit these places, and I’d consider my visit to Japan completed.

I’m still rigorously researching about traveling to Tokyo, including here on TokyoCheapo. Really hope to learn much from here.


Hi. My name is Bob. I lived in Tokyo for 20 years, mostly in the Shibuya area, and foolishly moved back to Minnesota a year ago. I still make it back to Japan frequently. My top tips for newbies: Learn Japanese, Get a bicycle (fastest way around town), Try to eat everything at least once, and maintain your sanity by getting out of town occasionally. Regarding this last point, I just wrote a book called Hikes with Hot Springs–Day Trips from Tokyo. Check it out!

IBooks (Apple):

Kindle (Amazon):