Information office

Greeting, which would be the most comprehensive Tokyo information office in Tokyo? I have an itinerary but need up to date information,arriving in May. Is Narita airport tourist office comprehensive?

Hi CJ,

What information are you looking for, exactly?
Most of it is available online.

I realise that 90% of the information is online, I prefer paper in my hand like the metro map etc. Also some sites are frustratingly not updated. Will drop into the TTIC if nothing more comprehensive pops up.Just looking for a one stop information shop, the lovely people at the Asakusa tourist information bureau were great but even that had gaps.

Fair enough. I can’t say which office would be your best bet, but TTIC or Narita are probably worth starting at. Have a good trip!

I will thanks for your thoughts, 4th trip and can hardly wait!

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