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Inaka (countryside) wifi and mobile connection

Seeing as most of the categories are for people living in Tokyo, I’m looking for information outside of Tokyo, as I live in the Nagano countryside.
(Maybe this isn’t the right forum for me to be on?)

I currently have a Sakura mobile pocket wifi device and a phone plan with a subsidiary of Docomo.

I pay about ¥13, 000/month for unlimited wifi and a very simple phone plan with 1 GB/month
I think this is a lot to pay, especially for the level of service I’m getting.

In both cases I have poor coverage. My phone sometimes doesn’t even have reception when I’m at work.
The wifi device will get an acceptable connection if it is placed just right in one window of my home. If I move out of that room my phone or computer will lose their wifi connection.
I also have to bring my wifi with me to work at several different schools where I use my own computer and cannot connect to the schools landline for “reasons/Japan.”
It varies to having an ok connection to nothing on some days.

I suspect I could get a better phone/ wifi plan deal someplace, and I read the pocket wifi guide on here. ( I also checked Softbank’s coverage on a coverage map. It looks like it doesn’t cover my area. I don’t want to sign up to another provider for a better deal, if the coverage is worse in the long run.

Thank you for your input.

If Docomo’s reception is good in your area, you should use Docomo’s unlimited plan. It also allows unlimited use of tethering. So you don’t need mobile pocket wi-fi. The fee is about 7,000/month.

In addition, Docomo has started a cheap plan “ahamo” of 2,780 yen for 20GB from March. If your monthly data usage is 20GB or less, ahamo is recommended as it will be cheaper.