In a hurry from Narita airport to Osanbashi pier Yokohama

Hi, after 40 years of dreaming about this wonderful country we finally booked a trip around Japan. Because of my limited mobility because of an accident we chose a cruise, starting from the Osanbashi pier in Yokohama. Normally we take a taxi from the airport to our destination but to our great disappointment, Narita airport is situated far away from Tokyo and Yokohama isn’t Tokyo at all. So we become a little bit nervous, because on april 13th 2019 we will arrive with Ethiad at Narita at 1pm and the ship leaves from Osanbashi at 5pm. A taxi is unbelievably expensive (250 dollars!) so we thought about the limousine bus to Y CAT and then take a taxi to the pier. Does anyone have a better suggestion ( the metro is no option)? What we want to know is:How much time do we need for the bordercontrol upon arrival? Are there trafficjams on saturdays? Are there taxis available at Ycat station and do the drivers understand English? We hope that we find a way to get in time to the pier without a heartattack.
Thank you in advance, Myriam

The Narita Express is probably the easiest option some of the trains run direct to Yokohama station. You could then take a taxi to the pier, as it’s only a shortish ride.

Google maps is pretty good for planning trips, but here’s the current Narita express timetable, looks like the direct to Yokohama train runs about every 30mins:

that leaves you with 4 hours. In sort of worst case scenario, if all your papers are in order, you’ll pass immigration within one hour. Assuming you have picked up your luggage at 2:30 you have various options to get to Yokohama Nihon-ōdōri Station. They all cost around $40 pwr person and take around 2h:,+Furugome,+Narita,+Chiba+Prefecture/Nihon-ōdōri+Sta.,+Nihonōdōri,+Naka-ku,+Yokohama-shi,+Kanagawa-ken+231-0021/@35.4759852,138.9163176,8.75z/data=!4m15!4m14!1m5!1m1!1s0x6022f379d1bd3757:0xd56e29a162771aa1!2m2!1d140.3928501!2d35.7719867!1m5!1m1!1s0x60185cfa4ac43441:0xf58710ce9cd4b26d!2m2!1d139.642619!2d35.446873!3e0!5i1

The bottom line is that you can make just in time. If you are delayed at Narita the taxi may be the only option. BTW the taxi can also take up to two hours to get there, but maybe the driver can rush it. He can take the less traveled route through Chiba.
It is costly, yes, but only $170 more that the train if you are 2 persons and peace of mind. And that’s little compared to the total cost of the trip.
Use Hyperdia to check the train connection
Does the cruise company offer a shuttle service from Narita?

Hope this helps a litte.

The Limousine Bus from Narita Airport to Yokohama City Air Terminal does look to me to be the best option, and then a taxi from there (the taxi should only take about 15 mins - less, according to Google Maps). If you have check-in luggage at Narita, you will be cutting it pretty fine, but the Limousine buses run about every 15/20 minutes. For example, there is a bus leaving Narita Terminal 1 North Wing (which seems to be the terminal Etihad uses, but you should check), arriving at the Yokohama City Air Terminal at 16.30. Any later than that, and you would struggle!

Of course, the timetable may change between now and April next year . . . .

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