I'm a Fashion Student Conducting a menswear survey

Tokyo Cheapo!
I’m a student in Bunka Fashion graduate university.
I need your help to fill out my questionnaire about:

“The Shopping behavior of Foreign men living in japan”

and since I basically target Japanese expats to fill out the survey,
I figure TokyoCheapo Forum would have plenty of expat guys

Please take a few minute to fill out the questionnaire and do share it your other expat buddies!


I’m currently making a thesis about:
“On expanding the global market awareness about Japanese Menswear”

if you are someone who is working in the menswear industry and you have an interest about Japanese Menswear do hit me up! I’m also looking to interview as much as industry insider as I can, Buyer, merchandiser, designers, etc.I want to hear your 2 cents about the current state of the Japanese Menswear industry and how it’s gonna go from here, what the challenge they are facing and what needs to be improved, all that stuff.

Or even if you are not an industry insider but you like Japanese menswear, DO hit me up! tell me your experience, what do you like and don’t like about the Japanese menswear? what are your favorite brands? your most memorable shopping experience? all those stuff, message me and tell your stories!

I’m also a menswear designer, you can check out my last project in:

Thanks you!

Shared this for you on our twitter account :slight_smile:

nice avatar!

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