I Created World of Onigiri for Onigiri Merch Please Help

:rice_ball: I made a thing! World of Onigiri is my new love letter to these tasty rice snacks. Merch ideas? Recipes? I need your help to make it awesome! #onigiri #japanesefood #myonigiri

Hi everyone! I’m obsessed with onigiri, and I just launched ‘World of Onigiri’ as a side project. I want it to be a place for recipes, fun merch ideas, and all things onigiri-related. I’d be so grateful for your feedback, what kind of stuff would YOU want to see on a site like this? (You can find it at [myonigiri.com], it’s still a baby website)

I’ve always loved onigiri. The simplicity, the flavors, the perfect snack shape…something about them just makes me happy. So, I took a leap and created ‘World of Onigiri’ – but now I need help making it something special. Whether you’re an onigiri pro or just curious, I want your ideas!