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How/when/where to book N'EX. Haneda a/port -> Narita a/port transfer

Hi all,
On an upcoming trip to Japan, our last day we will be flying from Hiroshima to Tokyo (Haneda).
I’m confused about how, where and when to book the N’EX train using the JR Pass.
To get from Haneda to Narita i believe we:

  1. Enter Haneda monorail-station and travel to Hamamatsucho Station (covered by JR Pass)
  2. Change platforms for the JR Yamanote Line
  3. Travel to Tokyo Station (covered by JR Pass)
  4. Change platforms for the Narita Express line
  5. Travel to Narita station T1 (covered by the JR Pass)

Given that the N’EX requires booked seats, I don’t know at what point in the journey you make the reservation (i.e at Tokyo station? Haneda?).
Do you need to “exit” the station in order to find the booking office?

Any helpful hints would be most appreciated.
PS: time is no problem as our connecting international flight is at least 6 hrs.
PSS: are there any online sites you can “reserve” seats for the N’EX or indeed any of the fast trains?

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Hi Philip,

You should be able to reserve your N’EX seats at any JR ticket office - just look for the green windows. You can do this at any point during your trip, so it doesn’t need to be the last day. Just drop by one when you are traveling around.

This site should be helpful.

You can purchase seat reservations a month in advance, apparently, which I didn’t actually know since I just buy a ticket when I get to the station. I don’t think you need to book that far ahead. The train isn’t usually that full.

Much thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Much thanks for the tip :slight_smile: :slight_smile: