How to say thanks for the site?

I just returned from two weeks in Tokyo visiting my daughter. I used your site and info to find some great places to eat and visit, especially the cheap Udon places! Even my daughter started asking me, “what does Tokyo Cheapo say about this area?”

We say most of the areas on your list. Had an amazing time. I’m already planning my next long-term stay using info from your site.

Just got you email with the prank video. What a nice surprise to see Tynan with you guys. I’ve been following his blog for years now. IN fact, my pack is filled based on many of his gear recommendations — the pack I took to Tokyo.

Kepe up th e good work! Viva la Tokyo.

Hello! Thank you so much for your positive feedback. We’re glad you enjoyed your trip, and that the site was useful. :slight_smile: Hopefully we helped you save a few yen. Keep an eye out for new restaurant/cafe postings, as we’ll be covering new must-eat spots over the coming months. If you haven’t already, please join us on Twitter or Facebook - and stay in touch! Viva la Tokyo indeed! -The Cheapos