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How to count the 7 days of your JR pass


Please forgive this silly question but I’d rather look silly here than find out that my pass has expired. The husband and I will be in Tokyo for a total of 15 days. We fly in and out of Narita (tickets were bought during a seat sale and can’t be changed). We originally considered just staying in Tokyo (hence the choice of our airport) and visiting surrounding areas since we know there will be loads of things to do, see and eat! However, since we are staying for two weeks, friends convinced us to head west to Osaka, Kyoto, etc. So our new itinerary will be: first 7 days in Tokyo a stay in Hakone till the 9th day of our trip. We plan to activate our JR 7-day pass after lunch on our 9th day. Our flight home leaves at around 7PM so we figured that we can stay in Osaka/Kyoto till then and travel cross country via Shinkansen then transfer to NEX to get to the airport before 5PM. By my calculations, this would maximize the pass. I am just afraid I might have made a mistake. Hope someone can help me out.
JR pass day 1 - 9th day of our trip
JR pass day 2 - 10th day
JR pass day 3 - 11th day
JR pass day 4 - 12h day
JR pass day 5 - 13th day
JR pass day 6 - 14th day
JR pass day 7 - 15th day of our trip

Is my understanding of the 7 days correct? I don’t want to find out that my pass has expired earlier than expected leaving me to fork out a hefty sum to get back to Tokyo.


Correct; it’s first-day inclusive. So if you start using it on a Friday, the last day you can use it is the following Thursday.


Thank you very much!


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