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How is the cheapest way to stay online in Japan


Hello… Me and my friend will come to Japan and we wonder if there is a way so that we can stay online during our trip for a week.
I plan to buy a Wifi portable but it’s only for both of us… I wonder if there’s another way which is cheaper than the Wifi portable. Thankyou.


Better news is if you don’t have to be connected online the whole you can try free wi-fi tgatcis provided now… have a look on this page…


In Tokyo: Free wifi at Starbucks, 7-11, Family Mart, I think Lawson as well… you just have to register (email address) to set it up first.


What if people need to use GPS or google map? They can’t always rely on Starbucks 7-11 wifi though. I think that portable wifi or prepaid sim works for those who needs navigating all the time


I go to Japan regularly for business trips, and have rented from numerous Wifi rental companies. Sometimes my wife and/or family will join, so wifi routers end up being a lot easier than sim cards. Have tried a few companies, but always ends up being the best deal, and they usually have newer devices and better prices than the others.


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