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Hotel rooms with windows that open?

We always spend the first and last part of our trip in Tokyo, and out of habit always end up staying at the Shinjuku Washington- cause it’s one of the limo bus stops.
BUT the lack of fresh air in the rooms is stifling for me… I’ve tried searching online but haven’t had much luck in locating hotel Rooms with windows that actually open (not a selling feature under room amenities) Hoping to find something in the general vicinity of Shinjuku Station but open to other areas as well.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

I really don’t know a way to check this without contacting the property directly. There are obviously certain features that will indicate windows that open - like a balcony. Maybe if you look for “apartment hotels”? That would preclude the big hotels with limousine bus drop-off and pick-up though.

Maybe Citadines Shinjuku? Quite expensive outside coronavirus season.

Thanks for the tip - I will look for apt hotels!!

TOYOKO INN might be your huckleberry. I cannot remember one I have stayed in that didn’t have an opening window, and often an actual balcony, small as it might be. I don’t know the Shinjuku area, but it might be worth a suss. Also, Pro Toyoko Tip: they are more of a basic middle range chain (7500 to 11,000 per night), but they often have one or 2 Suite Rooms that are almost fancy, and are much bigger. They’re usually twins, and they go fast. Good luck.

IME (lots), the more expensive or higher range, the more likely they are to lock out the windows. We know the dark reason why they do that, I assume? Some people like to make their last splash a big one (insert sympathetically anguished Pika-chu face). Apartment hotels are a great tip, and TOYOKO INN rooms usually have opening windows, again, IME.

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Thanks for the tip … appreciate it!!

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