Hotel recommendation in central Tokyo with easy access from Narita

Hi! I’ve been reading up on your posts since I will be going on a trip with my young kids in July. Could you recommend a good but affordable hotel In central Tokyo that is easily accessed from Narita. We are flying into Narita and I was hoping to take a straight shot to where we are staying since we will have a bit of luggage as we will have already been to Seoul.

It may be best to reserve a hotel in Shibuya or Shinjuku, and check that the airport limousine bus goes directly to its door. You can get ideas here:

and confirm the drop-off here:

Thank you so much for the suggestion! Appreciate it!

The Limousine Bus generally - by its very nature - tends mainly to go to the most expensive hotels. But if you are going to take the Limousine Bus (which is 3 times more expensive than some other options, such as the Access Narita bus which only goes to limited destinations), you wouldn’t be restricted to Shinjuku or Shibuya. It goes to most central areas. Having said that, the Sunroute Plaza in Shinjuku (which is served by the bus) is a lot cheaper than most of the other Shinjuku hotels the bus goes to.

You are best using the Keisei Tokyo Shuttle (Y1000 / children 500 )from the Narita Airport to Tokyo Station and then you can catch it back to the airport for for the same price or a small discount if you book in advance. Tokyo Shuttle is the easiest and most direct plus fast at one hour each way.

The Airport bus is expensive and confusing once you get off.

You can leave your large luggage at the airport at Kuro Neko - Yamato Transport at a small fee or they can transfer it to your hotel for around $14 a piece.

Here is your hotel just across the road from Tokyo Station - Toyoko Inn is an economical business hotel chain that I use all the time in Japan and breakfast is provided.

Toyoko Inn Tokyo-eki Yaesu Kita-guchi

103-0028 1-5-5, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Access from the station (train)
3 min walk from Tokyo Station Yaesu North Gate on JR Line
3 min walk from Nihombashi A7 A7 exit on Metro Tōzai Line
3 min walk from Nihombashi B0 B0 exit on Metro Ginza Line
3 min walk from Nihombashi B1,B3 B1,B3 exit on Toei Asakusa Line
Access from the airport
40 min by bus from Haneda Airport
1 hour by Tokyo Shuttle Bus

Please use Toyoko Inn Hotel search and if you join as a member you get great discounts.

With all Toyoko Inn hotels you need to book well in advance - 3 months or 6 months as a member


Carole Goldsmith
Japan Budget Specialist

Good advice! You can also take the Access Narita bus direct from the airport to Tokyo Station.

Whatever you do, you should book your hotel as early as possible. After the removal of many of the Airbnb properties, there is a lot of pressure on hotel rooms.

Thank you so much for the tip!

Thank you so much! This will help me immensely!

Hi there! I had a similar issue a few years ago. Whilst it depends on where in Tokyo you’d like to stay, when I’ve visited I’ve mostly stayed in Shinjuku. I booked the Shinjuku Washington Hotel, and the Airport Limousine Bus from Narita Airport can take you to the hotel entrance. I have stayed at the Washington Hotel a number of times since then because the location is fantastic and the room rates are reasonable.

Alternatively, the Airport Limousine Bus can also take you to Shinjuku Station Bus terminal. From there, the Hotel Century Southern Tower is walking distance. The Hotel Century Southern Tower is absolutely brilliant in terms of room, location, facilities etc compared to Shinjuku Washington Hotel, but also comes with the price tag.

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