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Holiday budget and places to stay


I’m planning on a 2 week stay in Tokyo but was wondering how much to budget for
Its just to cover food, drink and travel.
Is £200 per day enough?

Plus I’m looking at which area to stay in for an otaku who also like quite evenings
I’ve been looking into airbnb as not as keen on hotels so any information is greatly accepted


If you really want to be an otaku, you could stay at a manga cafe. :smiley: I can recommend:

Otherwise beside Air B-n-Bs there’s also capsule hotels.


I’ve been told you can eat quite well on 1500-2000 yen per day, so GBP200 per day is outrageously excessive… ^_^;; That would actually cover a pretty nice hotel room with money left over for food - I’ve been looking at spending about 7000-8000 yen/night (about 65-70 USD more or less) per night on business hotels.


I must be over thinking it (laugh)
That’s great advice
Thank you so much


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