Hokuriku Arch Pass

We plan to travel from Tokyo to Kanazawa to Kyoto with the Hokuriku Arch Pass. Can we take the shinkansen directly from Kyoto back to Tokyo?
The alternative is to buy a 7-day JR Pass. You mentioned in your article that it costs only $200.21 for the 7-day pass. However, the price on the Japan Rail website is $352. Where do you get the $200.21, in case the Hokuriku Pass does not allow me to travel directly from Kyoto to Tokyo

Hi there,
Our apologies but the info on that page is a little out of date and due for a refresh. From October 1, 2023 the national JR Pass cost increased from 29,000yen to 50,000yen (approx. $US350) so we no longer recommend it as being good value.
As far as travelling from Kyoto to Tokyo on the Tokaido Shinkansen, you can’t do it with a Hokuriku Arch Pass. Regular tickets from Kyoto to Tokyo are about $US90.

Ok. That sounds more like it. I searched all over for the $200 7-day pass. So $165+$99 is still cheaper than the full $352 for the 7-day pass. Thank you.