Hiking in January

Hello folks,

Me and my mate are meeting up in Tokyo in a couple of weeks and are planning to do a couple of day hikes.

Which mountains near Tokyo are safe for hiking in January without crampons, axes and winter gear?

We are thinking of Mitake/Odake and maybe Takamizu. Tried to look online for info but most info are in Japanese, a lot of people do not recommend hiking there in January it seems.

Cheers for your advice!

Mitake/Otake may be alright. It just depends on recent weather conditions. They are snow free right now and if there’s no rain till you arrive you’ll be fine. For mountains within reach of Tokyo, anything above 1000m may need crampons in the winter. Anything above 2000m most certainly will.

Another lower altitude mountain hike near Tokyo to try: Mt Jinba to Takao

If you do hike Mt Mitake, I recommend going down via Mt Hinode and stopping off at Tsurutsuru Onsen at the end, nothing like a hot bath to finish the day.

Cheers mate, will try to keep an eye out for the weather next couple of weeks. Much appreciated.

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Also here’s a web cam in Okutama pointed up at the taller mountains, if there’s no snow on them, There’s probably no snow on any of the Tokyo mountains

Cheers again Chris. Can’t wait to visit Tokyo again and do a bit of hiking. Keep up the good work and have a Happy New Year.


Hi Chris…is it advisable to bring leather hiking boots (not mountain boots) or will hiking shoes (also leather but suede, non-membrane) be ok, even in winter? Im packing light so the only footwear I will have will be on my feet the whole trip. Cheers again.

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