Help with information about festivals in August

Hello! I’m trying to get information about two festivals I’ve read about that take place in Tokyo and that coincide with the days I’m going to spend there (August 4-6).

The first of them is the “Bon Odori” of the “Tsukiji Honganji” temple. I am confused about this one since on some websites I have read that it always takes place from August 3 to 5 but on others it says that this year it is from July 31 to August 3. Could you confirm this for me? Do you know if it coincides with the 4th, which is the day I arrive in Tokyo.

And the other festival that interests me is the Suneori Amagoi, which from what I see takes place every 4 years and would coincide in 2024 on August 4. Could you confirm that for me? From what I see, it seems like a unique and beautiful festival although it is a bit far from Tokyo (I’m staying in the Asakusa area). If it’s not too much to ask, what form of transportation would you recommend to get to Suneori Amagoi?

Thanks a lot.

Hi there,

These are the confirmed dates for the Tsukiji Honganji Bon Dori.

There’s a lot on that weekend so you might want to look at other events as well.

I’ve never heard of Suneori Amagoi, but public transport will get you there even if it takes 4 or 5 trains and a bus. If you can get an international driver’s licence, renting a car might be a good idea. Remote places (like this) are often much easier to get to buy car.