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Help please Rail, Airport, SIM card, Help :)


Hello please help me understand
I’m flying Melbourne to Tokyo, will need to get from Narita to nakemeguoo by train. How is best?

I need a rail pass as I hope to travel around Tokyo and it’s suburbs for the week. Tokyo, Asakusa, the like.

Need to get from Nakemaguro to Osaka and back, have two nights stay in Osaka including a temple. How best to travel to Osaka return from Nakemaguro ?

Sim Card for iPhone. Can you buy at Narita Airport?

Please help with ideas.


Hi Stephen!

For getting from Narita to Nakameguro, it’s just next door to Shibuya, so probably best to follow the advice in our article here:

Then Nakameguro is a short journey on the Tokyu Toyoko line (1 stop on express, 2 stops on local train). Or you could just take a taxi (probably cost you ~1000yen)

For traveling to Osaka, see this article:

For traveling around Tokyo, buy a Suica (or Passmo) pass as soon as you arrive - it’s an IC card that you can re-charge.

For SIM cards, see this article:
The mobal SIM is a good option because you can have it delivered any where in the world in advance.


Absolute cheapest (and one of the easiest) ways to go is to take the Access Narita bus (runs every 15 mins, I think - you can check on their website) from the Airport to Ginza (don’t get off at Tokyo Station), and then take the Hibiya Line directly from Ginza station to Nakameguro. The bus will cost you Y1,000 and the train Y200. Half price for kids.


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