Help please as Im completely confused how it all works in Japan

We are flying into Narita Airport at 6.30 pm and need to get to our hotel 中央区明石3番6号, 104-0044, Tokyo
It shows that if we take the train option , we will need to walk 49 mins to get to the train connection… is there a better way that won’t cost a fortune?

There are shuttle buses between the various terminals at Narita Airport so a 49 minute walk seems a bit unlikely. Does you flight arrive at a strange time? I think the route should be fairly straight forward. Skyline to Ueno, Hibiya Line to Tsukiji Station, then a short walk or taxi to your accommodation. Google maps is pretty good.


Don’t worry. Narita is big and Google maps does not see the shuttles between terminals. They do exist and are very easy, although busy at times. Sometimes a walk is good after a long flight :slightly_smiling_face:

Not when we will have a lot of luggage :rofl:We are going on the QE Cruise around Japan so will have formal wear as well

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