Help on best/fastest/cheapest mode of transportation

Hi I would like to seek anyones help with regards to our transfer. Me and my friends are going to Japan, first will go to Osaka second is Kyoto and final destination is Tokyo. I’m having a difficult time with regards to the transfer for Osaka to Kyoto/ Kyoto to Tokyo and Tokyo to Narita. Do you have tips on best possible way? Klook is already sold out for Kyoto to Tokyo, are there options out there?

Getting from Osaka to Kyoto is quick and easy. You can take a JR train from Osaka Station (or Shin-Osaka) for a few hundred yen, and you will be there in around 30 minutes. Getting from Kyoto to Tokyo is easiest via bullet train, and then from Tokyo to Narita you can take a shuttle bus or one of several trains. These articles should help:

How To Get from Narita Airport to Tokyo | Tokyo Cheapo (just reverse your direction)

Since this is Tokyo Cheapo I will tell you the cheapest way to get to Kyoto. It’s not JR.

It’s on the Hankyu line. You leave from Hankyu Umeda station a few minutes walk from Umeda. It’s ¥400. Super cheap. As a foreigner you may find it useful to get a day pass for ¥800… which you can only get at Hankyu Umeda station (bring your passport). Useful if you’re visiting places the hankyu line can take you. They also don’t charge more for limited express trains…

2nd option would be Keihan which is 410¥ from Yodoyabashi or Kyobashi. It really depends on where you are.

Both of those options will get you closer to the centre of Kyoto, near Gion.

So it depends on where you’re staying.

Getting to Tokyo you reasonably have two options:

¥12,700 For the 145 minute ride on the shinkansen.
¥4000-5000 for Overnight buses for much cheaper.

If you’ve never been on a bullet train just bite the bullet and take the Shinkansen. It leaves every couple of minutes just show up at Kyoto Station and get on a Nozomi class train (fastest). It’s an essential part of a trip to Japan imo.

Tokyo to Narita will depend on where you’re staying but you can choose comfort and convenience or cramped and cheap.

The Skyliner Sky Access line costs 2200¥ if you buy online in advance. It’s the fastest (43 min) and cheaper than JR. 3 convenient routes | Skyliner | KEISEI Electric Railway

However it only goes from Nippori or Ueno. Depends on where you’re staying. Anywhere that’s not those places and you should take the Access Express (90 minutes or so ) For about 1200¥

Or just take The JR N’EX from a variety of places. It’s about 3000 ¥. There’s a deal for foreigners but it’s only good for round trips for 4000¥.

Hope that helps.

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