Help! Narita to APA Villa Hotel Akasaka-Mitsuke?

Hi there, myself and my girlfriend are going to be travelling to tokyo for a holiday next June and we are staying in the hotel mentioned in the subject of this post (APA Villa Hotel Akasaka-Mitsuke). Currently it looks expensive to get a direct transfer to the hotel from the airport so was wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to get to the hotel?

So far i’ve seen the narita skyacess to Oshiage station and then transferring to the Asakusa line to get to shimbashi station and from there getting onto the ginza line to eventually get to Akasaka-Mitsuke station. Does this sound like the best route? I think we will probably get a suica pass too since this lets us use the rail system in tokyo whilst we are there.

Any help you guys can give would be much appreciated!


Absolutely! I used to live in Akasakamitsuke, and took the Keisei Skyliner from Narita to Ueno Station, then transferred to the Ginza Line which goes directly to Akasakamitsuke. It’s a bit of a walk - several hundred metres - at Ueno, but it’s clearly signposted.

However there is a new alternative - and this option didn’t exist when I was living there - namely to take the Access Narita bus from the Airport to Ginza Station (it stops at Tokyo Station first, so don’t get off there) and then take the Ginza Line. The bus stops right outside an elevator down into Ginza Station. This will definitely be a bit cheaper (the bus is only Y1,000) and doesn’t involve having to go down about 4/5 floors to the train station in the airport.

Thank you for your reply, it makes me feel a lot better knowing that the route i was thinking was correct! one more quick question if you don’t mind, so i am staying in tokyo only for my time in japan so was thinking of getting a suit card, would this work on the keisei skyliner? Thanks!

Hi there. I guess you mean a Suica card? If so, yes, you can use it on the
Keisei Line (but not on the Access Narita bus, which is definitely the
cheapest and easiest way to go, with much less walking!).

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