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3 of us coming from US for Asian trip. stopping at Narita to Tokyo first time for 5 days. We’re staying at Hotel Asia of Japan. Please help us choose, ( we have 3 luggages/50 lbs each plus our 3 carryon) what will be convenient for us train, limo bus or other? Will it be better to store 3 big luggage at the airport for 5 days? Is that possible, expensive? if Limousine Bus -which hotel bus terminal is close to Hotel Asia? I am so confused. Thanks.

Consider a luggage delivery service for your large bags and then just take your carry-ons with you.

According to Google Maps, the SkyLiner to Ueno, then the Ginza Line to Aoyama-Itchome is a reasonable train journey that ends with a ~5 minute walk to the hotel.

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Thank you!
need advice on train or bus to Mt Fuji 5th station.
Coming from Hotel Asia of Japan…what bus to take if not using tour bus since it’s 1st week of July could it be
20% Mt Fuji visibility?

The most useful buses depart from Shinjuku, which is a few stops away from Aoyama-Itchome on the Oedo Line. Googling around turns up a few options, the most direct is probably a Keio bus, which you need to reserve ahead of time.

This article also has a pretty good rundown of transit options between Fuji and Tokyo.

FYI my friends who live near Fuji told me that early morning is the best time to get a clear view of the mountain.

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