Hi all, This is my first time to Japan and I have a question that hopefully one of you can help. My wife and I have a 2 weeks stay in Japan before flying out of NRT to Vietnam. I might have done it backwards but we will land in Haneda. The plan is going to Yokohama for 1 night, then Osaka for 4 nights, Kyoto 4 nights, then Tokyo 4 nights. I was wondering if its a good idea to go from Kyoto to Hakone for 1 night then Tokyo for 3 nights instead. My other option is to just go to Tokyo and do a day trip to Hakone. Changing from Yokohama–> Hakone…>Osaka…requires making changes to too many hotel bookings that’s just not worth it. I am not even sure how difficult it would be to get from Kyoto to Hakone but an overnight stay at a local onsen would be great. Any insight or even a recommendation for a place to stay is appreciated. TIA.

Hi there,
Going Kyoto->Hakone->Tokyo isn’t a bad idea. The travel time from wherever you are in Tokyo to Hakone is about 2 hours each way, so it makes for a very rushed day trip.

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Hi CheapoGreg. Thank you.