Haneda airport late arrival

Hello everyone!

My wife is joining me to Tokyo late October and we are considering booking her for a flight to Haneda which lands at 22:45. I have heard that going through emigration is pretty straight forward and at that time of the day the queues should not be too long. Is this right? Would we have a chance to get to the monorail on time? I think the last train to Tokyo is at 00:10. Anyone has experience of the length of time that is required on average to leave the plane and reach the monorail station at the Haneda international terminal?

In case we do not manage the train, and if the taxi is the only option, how much money should I expect to pay between Haneda International to Simbashi station?

Thanks for your help!!!

Hi :slight_smile: I’ve landed around that time at Haneda before and had no issues catching the tram, it’s very close to arrivals, so as long as you don’t faff about you should be fine! For taxi’s you can download the uber app and it gives you an idea!

I’ve also arrived late, and 22:45 gives you plenty of time, Haneda is usually a really fast arrival.
If not, Taxi to Shinbashi is probably about 5000-6000yen that time of night.

I also believe that Uber has a flat rate of ¥6100 to Central Tokyo at the moment!

I’ve landed at the Haneda international terminal that time of night and had the opposite experience from the other commenters. There was a tremendous line at immigration (I just checked the Haneda website and 13 international flights arrive between 22:05 and 23:05) and it was extremely stressful worrying about missing the train. That said, I made it through in time to catch the last train just after midnight so I guess it all ended well…

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