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Handicap/Universal Access on JR

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We plan to travel between NRT-Tokyo-Hakodate-Sapporo using JR Pass. We have an elderly in a wheelchair. We also are planning to upgrade to Green Car to reserve seats.

Can you give us information on handicap/universal access on the JR trains? Specifically for the Green Car. Thank you!

Hi there,

If you alert a station attendant when you arrive, they will assist with the boarding of the Shinkansen and other trains, as well as the disembarkation.

Hope this helps!

Unfortunately, Japan isn’t very wheelchair friendly. Many stations don’t yet have elevators, but generally speaking, they have chair lifts that will take the chair up the stairs. As the previous poster said, the station attendants will take care of you.

The same goes for restaurants and hotels - they aren’t very wheelchair friendly. This is because space is so limited that a lot of businesses just don’t have the space for wheelchairs. It’s unfortunate, but the government has been working on it. Keep in mind, you will need to ask beforehand if your hotel room is wheelchair accessible. Otherwise you may be unfortunately and sadly surprised to find you can’t fit it though the door or into the bathroom. :frowning: