Hakone circuit question on 11 July-2016

Dear all,

I just saw that the ropeway in Hakone was closed due to volcanic gas.
I was planning to go and eat at Owakudani Waku Waku restaurant but I’m not sure now …

Did any of you guys visit there recently and can help me ?

I also have another question, I plan to do the hakone circuit and want absolutly visit Yunessun during my visit. I only have limited time in Japan so is it possible to do the circuit + yunessun in 1 day ?


Hi Tony,

Although part of the ropeway has re-opened, you still can’t get off the rope way at Owakudani and it’s only partially open. So it’s a bit of shame since the replacement bus service for that part of the ropeway misses some of the charm.

You can do Hakone in a day, but if you’re travelling from Tokyo it’s quite a slog, you’ll be on trains and buses all day.
If you can stay over night in Hakone it’ll be more relaxing.

Hi, thanks for your prompt reply,

So I guess I should cancel the Hakone Day Trip,

Can you recommend other places and where can I see Mt.Fuji during my trip ? (July 8-15)


If you like hiking, you can hike up mitsutoge which is doable as a day trip
from Tokyo

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