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GPS app for walking tours

Is it possible to get some GPS app in english?
It would be very helpful to have some navigator for finding the right direction for favorite destinations.

Hi Ligita,
Not sure what you mean by “GPS app”. Do you mean a map app? If so, Google Maps is good. Apple Maps is OK, but not as good as Google Maps.

Google Maps does not allow offline download of Tokyo area. Apple Maps does not have a offline mode. However both offers cached maps, so you should still be able to go where you want to if you “preload” the maps along with route directions where you have WIFI.

Another app called allows for offline download of Tokyo area. However, it’s routing directions are not as good as the other two maps app.

I would use both detailed offline use and the other app for routing.

Thank you for your answer!

Thank you for your answer. I will try Google maps.