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Good Value High End Lunches in Tokyo


Nothing better than having lunch in a good restaurant for a lower price than you would pay at night… If you have discoverend an exceptional lunch set with good quality for a low price, share it here!

I will start, by sharing Shabusen in Ginza, which serves good-quality shabu shabu for prices starting at 1200 yen (+ tax). It is one of the restaurants where I go to every 2-3 weeks and which I recommend to my friends visiting Tokyo, especially the shabu shabu which I prefer to the sukiyaki in this place. It is perfectly normal to go alone to this restaurant. The meat is good, the sesame sauce too, the personnel is kind,… You have your personal hot pot, so you don’t share with others.

Style: shabu shabu, sukiyaki.

Lunch set: my favourite set contains 50g of pork and 50g of beef, a plate of vegetables, a bowl of rice or rice porridge, negi, delicious sesame sauce, soy sauce. You can drink the water as a soup afterwards.

Price: 1400 yen for this lunch set, 1600 yen if you want dessert too, 1200 yen if you take only pork (120g) if I remember correctly. The sukiyaki set costs 1500 yen.

Location: it is in the Ginza Core shopping building on floor B2F (
The entrance:

Waiting line: most of the time there is no (or minimal) waiting time, there are approximately 60 available places in the restaurant.


Good post!

I could add plenty, but going to start with Bistro L in Ikejiriohashi

Very tasty French bistro, with decent European sized portions for 1000yen


Barca Meguro is one of my favorite places to have a cheap and tasty lunch. It’s a nice Spanish restaurant/bar near Meguro station, and apparently the chef studied Spanish cooking in Barcelona, so the food is pretty authentic. This place is really popular among people working in Meguro, because during lunch time on weekdays all paellas are just 500 yen!

There’s eight different kinds of paellas to choose from. You can order just a paella, or get a lunch set:
A set +500 yen: drink, salad, soup, desert
B set +300 yen: drink, salad, soup
C set +200 yen: drink, salad


Definitely recommended!


Hello, this sounds good but I often find the soup to be just warm.
Where can I get a really hot lunch?


Another favourite of mine is Green Grill, in the cocoti building in Shibuya - a healthy and very tasty lunch. Portions are on the small side, so good for avoiding food-coma at least.
Basic price is 1000yen, extra for side salad + drinks.

(@stenwence maybe not quite hot enough for a true hot luncheon however)