Going to see baseball with kids

We’re pretty keen to see a baseball game at Osaka Kyocera Dome when we’re over there later this month. Does anyone have any tips for going to see baseball with kids? (ours are 12 and 9). Do Japanese families bring their kids? If so, we’d love to sit in an area of the stadium that’s popular with families and good/safe for the young-uns.

Looking at the way the stadium is split up for Orix games (http://www.kyoceradome-osaka.jp/ticket/buffaloes/), the seats with lower child prices tend to be the open seating areas in the outfield and off to the side. They’re probably your best bet.

The last game I went to was at Jingu Stadium in Tokyo on a weeknight. Stadium layout was similar: the hardcore fans were in their designated sections and the casual fans who filtered in after work tended to go to the open areas where we were. I bet the crowds would be different on a weekend, though.

Thank you newtypezaku!

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