From which bus station one can get to Mount Fuji


My family and I are going to be in Tokyo on April 2020 and we would like to go to Mt Fuji. I already read the “How To Get to Mt Fuji” section of this entry Climbing Fuji: Experience Japan's Greatest Mountain | Tokyo Cheapo but to be honest is not very clear on where we can take the bus. Can you please let us know from which bus station is easier to get to Mt Fuji.

By the way, we are only planning on visiting Mt Fuji, we are not going to climb it.


Hi Israel,
If you’re not going to climb it (the climbing season is not until July anyway) then you probably want to visit the 5th Station. Note that this isn’t a very good place to see the mountain itself as you’re right next to it. To get straight to the 5th Station, you need to catch a bus from the Shinjuku Highway Bus Terminal which is above the new south exit of Shinjuku Station. Other buses to the area leave from Shibuya or Tokyo Station.
Rather than getting a regular bus to the 5th Station, I would recommend a sightseeing tour where you can see the mountain from various angles. You should also be aware that this is highly dependent on the weather. If it is overcast or raining, you won’t get a single glimpse of the mountain.
Best of luck!

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