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Friday night life


Where to spend Friday night in Tokyo, looking to listen to live music and do some clubbing. What area is better? Roppongi, Shimokitazawa, or Koenji?


Go to Roppongi for bro-y, club nights (
Shimokitazawa for more of a hipster bar type of night
And Koenji, I’m not too familiar with, however, one stop away near Asagaya Station is Gamuso bar - they have live music, art and comedy nights. Most events are free, you just pay for drinks


Here’s two websites with listings of live music in English:

For clubbing, there’s

Roppongi has a lot of bars and clubs, but if you want a better taste of culture (and less expats), other areas will probably suit better. There’s some good places in and around Shibuya, e.g. Daikanyama, Nakamegurfo, Aoyama.


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For a drink-heavy night out but a great way to meet people if you’re travelling alone, the Tokyo bar crawl is on every friday and saturday night in Roppongi. It’s always really busy - and everyone has a great time. Only if you want a serious night out though i think!