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Free furniture/food/alcohol!


New unopened food products. A mix box of various food stuffs. Chocolate, canned and packaged soups, potato chips, snacks, granola bars, drink mixes, curry and pasta sauces, souvenir foods, plus various other foods available for free.

Various bottles of alcohol both domestic and imported.

Everything is perfectly fine, I am just eating only vegetables from now on I want to pass on all of this food to someone who will use it.

I also have furniture and clothes that I am posting also for sale so I can combine shipping. If you need something please ask!

Please send name, address, phone number, and preferred time of delivery. Chakubarai from Kyoto.


Thanks for posting!
Can you post a list of items and prices/or if it’s free?


As it says in the title it is all free so it is a lucky bag (box) of goods.


Hi Oracle,

Would be happy to take any food and alcohol off your hands. Please email me on and I will provide my details.



Hi I would love to take food items pls let me know