Foreigner buying jrock live concert ticket is absolutely impossible?

It is impossible right ? I should give up right ?

Because things are getting more and more difficult, actually more like impossible now.

Planning trip alone is quite a headache, to match the dates, to buy plane ticket and hotel
exactly at the same moment to match or else I’m screwed too.

To match the live concert ticket date as well.

And figuring out how to is already overwhelming because everything has to be perfectly planned
with no exception. While things are getting harder.

One, you have to have a Japanese phone number, this is already difficult but you can get a sim card
at Japan for this problem alone. Well doable.

Two, you need to purchase the ticket with a Japanese card. (Impossible but if you have a Japanese
friend to buy it for you or the payed service where they do it for you, it’s kind of possible. For most people they will probably give up. There is a big chance it could end up a scam or the staff could tell you to leave because they found a problem.)

Three, you need to have a Japanese identification card to show and the ticket needs to match
the idenfication. (Foreigners can’t get a Japanese identification card so forget the matching part.)

Four, even if you are a Japanese citizen living in Japan to make things really easy being able to
go anytime you are free, you need this new “individual number card. My number card. マイナンバーカード. 個人番号カード.”
They say only 60% of the Japanese got it because they didn’t felt like they need it.
Mostly because unless you go to live concerts or so you won’t.
When you read the wiki page already you can tell it’s the global surveilance being mentioned by facial recognition and stuff. Japanese are doing a good job of staying cash, but they will pretty much find other ways anyways.

I think most people don’t care or know about these stuff cause they aren’t interested.
In my previous trip to Japan I was looking forward to go to live concert and the situation was insanely confusing and too much headache I had to give up. Probably the only country where you can’t just
go and buy ticket 1 or 2 weeks prior and they don’t even let you record because they will record to sell it as a bluray. It would be nice if there’s a free one outside where you can record. Some say the less
popular ones are easy to buy offline right away but I have my own favorite jrock band. And sadly they aren’t performing when I go. There’s only a mixed performance with other unknown bands.
Although I can’t even buy to begin with.
Since I have to plan with the concert, I can’t begin to make reservation for hotel and flight ticket which prices soar if you get a few days late and so confused.
Also if I were to only stay in Tokyo and Osaka, things are easy but if I were to stay in other places,
I have to book other region hotels in a specific date and that is also making me anxious.
Maybe book only tokyo and osaka then visit there and come back.

I want Takanori Nishikawa, Granrodeo or Uverworld and Gackt.
They all have no live even on summer for the moment except mixed live with other singers
which will make them sing only 3 songs and leave for other unknown singers.

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