Flights & Hotel check in

Hello! I’m new to the community :smiley:
I’m planning a trip to Japan with my husband and one of our friends. I’m stuck when it comes to flights and hotel check ins though. Does anyone have a recommended airline? I’m in Texas and have only ever used southwest but that isn’t an option for this. A new airline makes me pretty nervous.
As for hotels it’s safe to assume I book according to the day my plane lands right? A lot of the flights are 15-20 hours and with the difference in time zones it gives me some self doubt while thinking about these things. Check ins are usually around 3 from what I’ve seen, how does a late check in work there? I definitely don’t think we’ll make it to the hotel on time or early given the landing time of all of the flights I’ve seen that aren’t +2 days due to the time zone difference. Thanks so much for sticking with me!

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