First time in Japan - need help!

My husband and I are flying into KIX but need a transfer to Kyoto. We have three luggages and 1 handcarry/backpack each. I need some advice on what is the best way to transfer to Kyoto with our luggages. We are booked in a hotel in Minami Ward and I read that it is about 11 minutes from Kyoto station. I’ve looked up some shuttle and door-to-door private transfers and they are expensive. I’ve also read about the Limited Haruka Express and I believe this limited express is more affordable to us, but am confused about how and where to catch it.

Additionally, after 6 days in Kyoto, we will be transferring to Tokyo and my husband wants to try the Nozomi Shinkansen. However, I am again concerned if there will be space for our luggages. We will be in an airbnb apartment in the Minato ward area in Tokyo. Could you please advise also on what is the best way to travel using the Shinkansen? We are ok with paying more money on the Nozomi. We would like to experience the fastest bullet train in Japan.

I also read about luggage transfer and the prices are not bad, but I could not find information on how long to expect delivery of our luggages and if the company will deliver to an apartment? Can someone please help me with my concerns?

Thank you so much!
First Timers in Japan

All trains from KIX depart from the KIX airport station. I’ve never been in there, but I assume that signage is clearly marked in English since it does handle international flights. Here’s a good rundown of the options that are available.

Getting three suitcases onto a Shinkansen or JR express and sitting with your backpacks should be doable, especially if they’re airplane carry-on size. Any bigger and there might not be enough space on the overhead racks, though.

According to this TripAdvisor thread, you may be able to have luggage shipped to a company office or holding area instead of directly to an AirBnB residence, which is likely unsupported.

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