Finding a job in Japan before moving there from the U.S,

I live in the U.S. in the state of Kansas and my daughter and I just want to get a new start in Japan. We love the culture and need a change and a fresh start. Please someone help us.

Hi, if you have any teaching experience that is definitely the easiest way to find work here from abroad, companies will sponsor your visa, pay for flights and help with settling in - including with dependents. You don’t need any teaching qualifications (they don’t hurt but really not required) just a degree and some experience. You can work in public schools or cram-schools - personally i prefer public schools, as you learn about the community and get to be part of it a lot more, but it depends on the person! Hope you can find something :slight_smile:

Hi Andrea,
There’s a few jobs boards that have jobs okay for overseas applications, like the Gaijinpot jobs board.

Good luck!