Feasibility Check for Japan Trip (+ itinerary inside)

Hi everyone,

This is my first trip to Japan, I will be going to 5 different cities on 18-26 January 2017 (Tokyo, Yuzawa, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kanazawa). As transport, I will use JR train and bus (JR Pass will be activated on the second day, as I will book the 7 day pass).

I have created an itinerary that the timing is based on Google Maps, but I’m not sure about the time feasibility yet. Can anyone check my itinerary (whether I need to take-out or add-in a place)? Any help or advice is appreciated!

The third day is one day trip, Kaikake is an Onsen that located at Yuzawa.

Following are the list where I’m staying:
Tokyo - Takenotsuka
Osaka - Nishinakajima
Kyoto - Kamiyacho
Kanazawa - Higashiyama

That’s a seriously busy Itinerary! Perhaps that’s what you like, but I’d recommend removing one or two destinations so you can spend longer in individual places.

Also The Tokyo Day 2 itinerary is too much, unless you have a guide that has planned the day out very carefully and is taking to you to all the places there’s no way you could fit it all in. For people new to Japan travelling without a guide, I’d recommend choosing no more than two places for a day in Tokyo. We have some suggestions on Tokyo itineraries here: Itineraries | Tokyo Cheapo

enjoy your trip!

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Thanks for your response, I agree with you that the Tokyo Day 2 is too much :confused: will do take a look for your suggestions. Is Japan considered as safe city for tourist (in terms of pickpocket, robbery, etc.)?

Japan is very safe, probably one of the safest countries in the world for tourists.

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