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Exchange money, sim card and JR Pass

Hi please help me, it’s my first time to tokyo with my mom and i don’t know if it will be beneficial to change money at Narita Airport (we come from The Netherlands so i will be changing euro to yen). We also want to get a unlimited sim card for 16 days, but which one is the best and can i buy it at the Airport? We are staying in japan for 16 days, the first few days we will be staying in Asakusa and then we move to Shibuya so we have plenty of time to go further (maybe nagoya, mt fuji etc.) Is it better to get a 7 days JR PASS? Can i also use the JR pass to go from Narita Airport to Asakusa with the Narita Express trains? And where can i buy the JR Pass (which website (do they send it to The Netherland or get it at Narita Airport?) Thank you in advance!


Hi Emily,

I would recommend changing money before your trip - at a bank rather than airport, so you get better rates.

For a SIM card, we recommend looking at those on offer from Sim Card Geek:

You can order one online, so you don’t have to worry about buying it at the airport.

You can use the JR Pass on Narita Express trains, but it’s best used for inter-city travel, e.g. from Tokyo to Nagoya, and beyond. You can order your pass online and have it shipped to your home before you depart. See this guide for more info:

Thank you for the very fast reply! I definetely will check it out.