English TV and Movies

We will be living in Tokyo area (Omiya) for the next 3 years. Interested in how is best way to get US English TV and Movies. Streaming video? Netflix, etc.

Actually, one wonders if watching a movie in a Japanese cinema would be a worthwhile or novel experience. What does it cost, and are American movies shown in English, or are they all dubbed into Japanese? (I remember in Thailand you have to pay attention or you might find yourself watching Mark Hamill speaking Thai. At least they subtitle Japanese movies in English - or at least, they do most of them - I ended up watching Detective Conan - Crimson Love Letter with only Thai subtitles, which I can’t read…)

Supposing, for instance, you were in Japan when the latest Star Wars iteration gets released - would it be worth watching while in Tokyo, or just wait till you get home? What about watching Japanese movies - I imagine they wouldn’t be subtitled? What do tickets cost, incidentally?