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Dog parks in Tokyo


Hi. I am visiting Japan for three weeks. I will miss my dog Bonnie and would love to have a pat or play or talk to other dog lovers in Tokyo. Is there a popular place residents take their dogs to or any meet ups available? I will be in Tokyo from 26th October to 1st November. Thanks


Yoyogi park has a dog run, a good place to see some of Tokyo’s canine crowd!


Hi Deeney69,

I would suggest visiting ANIMAL REFUGE KANSAI. They have a wonderful reputation for the animal rescue work they’ve done throughout the years. Their website and email address is below. Call them at: 050-1557-2763

Have a wonderful time.

Allen Kimble, Jr. & “Vinny the Pug”


Thanks for this! I volunteer with a dog rescue group so it will be perfect for me


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