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Do I need to buy Shenkansen ticket in advance from Tokyo to Kyoto?


I will leave Tokyo for Kyoto on July 9th (Saturday) around 3:30 pm. I found that Zonomi 45 is leaving at 3:30, and Zonomi 117 at 3:50 pm. Is it recommended to purchase ticket in advance (pros is guaranteed to have tickets, cons is I have to be at station on time) or just buy it when I get to the station right before departure (Pros is I will have some flexibility to enjoy my half day in Tokyo, cons is I may risk not getting the ticket or seat)? Is it you can always get ticket, even on Saturday, for the Shenkansen form Tokyo to Kyoto?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.


No you don’t have to. You can buy it at the station once you get there. Enjoy !! I guarantee this will be one of the best trips you have taken. Just got back last month and already miss Japan!


If you’re a little flexible, as in you don’t mind whether you take the 3:30pm, 3:50pm, 4:10pm etc then there’s no problem.
When you buy a ticket at the station, maybe the next train doesn’t have that many seats free, but the second or third next train is usually easy to get a seat. And 3:30pm shouldn’t be that busy.


Thank mrkirkland and VancouverRob for answering my question!


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