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Do I need an advanced ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto (Sanjo Station)?


My itinerary requires travel from Tokyo to Kyoto (Sanjo Station) as my hotel booked at nearby Sanjo Station.

I’ve done a search via Hyperdia, as i need to have a half day trip in Tokyo before travel back to Kyoto, therefore my departure time is limited as per Hyperdia result below (with JR PASS):

please find this link for my journey (from shinjuku to sanjo station):

My question is do I need to book ticket advance, and any website recommend to book ticket or purchase advance? where to redeem the tickets? Cause I am afraid that I would miss the train or unable to get the tickets, and this will causes me a burn of hotel fees for 1 night in Kyoto.



You can only make a reservation for the Shinkansen train part of your journey. Note that Shinkansen trains have unreserved seats so you can just turn up and get on a train, although you might have to stand up if it’s a busy time of day.

You can reserve seats for the Shinkansen up to 3 days in advance from here on the JR reservation site

You can also reserve Shinkansen seats at any JR ticket office (at all major stations), you can do this any time in advance, or on the day, and even up to ~20 minutes before departure (provided there’s room on the train). The time of day you are travelling out of Tokyo will probably be quite busy, so it’d be worth reserving a seat in advance.



Thanks for the reply.

You mean even i online reserve the seat, it also has to be 3 days in advance? can i reserve it NOW?
Again, the website that you have just provided, requires the “LINE”, can you advise which line i suppose to choose based on the transportation information that i’d provided earlier?

Can i reserve my seat (from Tokyo to Kyoto on November 11) during the arrival on OSAKA Kansai airport (JR ticket office) on November 8?


Yes you should be able do this. Probably the easiest option.


Thanks for your reply.

Help alot!


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