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Disneyland in Tokyo won't let people bring their own food?


I went to disney sea.
They checked everyones bag before entering.
I thought it’s for their food money.

Can you take convenience store or grocery mart foods ,drinks ?
Packaged snacks, sandwich, drinks…

If you get caught, you’re supposed to leave the park like for waterpark when people have tattoo ?

I didn’t see anyone eating anything else besides the snacks disney sea was selling.
So people or employees would notice so easily if I did, unless it’s just some small snacks like snickers
and frozen water bottle.

Everything was so expensive. The hat, ear, accessory, the nemo plastic bag for popcorn 2000yen separately from
popcorn 450yen, 1 bowl of fried rice 1300yen.

But everyone was buying the hat, the nemo popcorn bag, the disney shirt.

Also they seemed to not allow selfie sticks. Not just when there is a parade. I thought it was so that people
can see the parade without the selfie stick blocking the way. Then some employee approached me when
I was taking photos at a random spot. I guess people can get injured by selfie sticks ? Kind of too strict.
I mean who wouldn’t want to take photos at a place like this ?


You can leave the park anytime, and reenter again, if your wrist is stamped. So if you really don’t want to buy the food inside, then you can ask a friend to bring your bento and meet you outside at certain time.

Selfie stick is a nuisance to others. There are thousands of people in the park that are willing to take picture for you. Just ask nicely.


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